Dear Internet users,

At the start of 2016, it is with pleasure that I join the entire staff of the Public Contracts Regulatory Agency (ARMP) to extend our best wishes to you.

When we launched the ARMP website in 2014, we wanted to propose to business operators, investors, development partners and other public procurement stakeholders space for interactive and dynamic information on the public procurement sector. We invited you to accompany us in this beautiful adventure by appropriating this site to make it yours.

 At the end of 18 months of operation, it is our pleasure to state that many of you have followed us.  We can note for example that:

- The number of visitors increased from  73 731 from the launching phase to  306 437 in 2015  with record daily access of more than 2 000;

-  The average monthly visits increased from 12 289 in 2014 to 25 536 in 2015;

-  The number of the country of origin of visitors rose from 76 to 107 with the top 10 being:  Cameroon, Germany, South Africa,  France, the United States of America, China, Canada,  Senegal, the United Kingdom and Gabon;

The average monthly click is about 1 109 394 ;

-  The level of attractiveness rose from 2.65 to 3.85; etc…

These are the indicators which drive us in our ambition to serve you better. Also, while thanking you for this mark of confidence and hailing you fidelity, we are announcing the forthcoming implementation of PRIDESOFT, our integrated system for the management of the flow of data generated by public contracts. It aims at placing ARMP in a new era of proactive and real-time regulation through a multi-actor platform of collection, exchange and collaboration.

With PRIDESOFT, the Journal of Public Contracts (JDM) and the Certificate of Non Exclusion from Public Procurement (CNE) will undergo a veritable revolution with emphasis on easy access and better intuitiveness in usage.   

In fact, the JDM, which is already downloadable free of charge, now goes into the “live” mode to enable Contracting Authorities carry out instantaneous publications (tender notices, awards, signed contracts, etc…) and bidding enterprises to have information in real time.  

As for the CNE, applying for and obtaining them will be done online to gain in time and energy.

In addition, the institution of “citizen control” through PRIDESOFT offers citizens the opportunity to have their say in projects of which they are beneficiaries.  

Lastly, the 2016 bouquet will be the possibility offered to Tenders Boards as well as Evaluation Sub-commissions to directly verify the authenticity of a CNE through our website and even through their mobile phones! And the adventure continues…

 All these major innovations whose final goal is the amelioration of access to information by stakeholders of the public procurement system are within the context of “Quality Public Service and Governance” of our strategic vision of making ARMP an efficient institution at the service of the socio-economic development of our country.

  By so doing, we are contributing to the will of the Head of State of putting in place an efficient and performative public procurement system susceptible of accompanying effectively the implementation of the projects that will lead Cameroon to emergence.  

Dear internet users, our wish is that all these efforts satisfy you and that you come in numbers to make use of the variety of services proposed by our website.

Happy and prosperous New Year 2016.