Constitution of the database of construction service providers: ARMP postpones the deadline for submitting applications to 29 April.

Within the framework of the constitution of the database of service providers of the construction and public works sector (BTP) and ahead of the start of classification activities of service providers engaged in the said  sector and  accordance with Order No. 016/PM of 1 February 2016,
the Director General of the Public Contracts Regulatory Agency hereby informs contractors, design firms, geotechnical laboratories, architecture firms and other service providers concerned that the deadline initially fixed for the submission of files on 4 March 2016 is postponed to 29 April 2016 at 11 a.m.

Files are received every working day at the Inspectorate General in charge of Evaluation of the Performance of the public contracts system (7th floor, door 9037) located in the ARMP Head office building and in Regional Centres for the Regulation of Public Contracts include the following documents:

-  Taxpayer's card;

-  Articles of Association of the enterprise;

-  Copies of contracts executed from 2013 to 2016;

-  Copies of acceptance reports of contracts executed in Cameroon during the same period.

It should be noted that the rules established by this order aim at improving the quality of services provided in the construction sector in Cameroon by instituting a reliable and simplified screening mechanism for efficient providers in different areas of this sector which are:

     Building and Urban Development:              

-        Major works;                                          

-        Finishing works;

-        Building Maintenance;

-        Construction works;

-        Urban development;



Public Works

-        Roads

-        Urban road networks;

-        Engineering structures;

-        Other infrastructure.

Water and sanitation

-        Potable water supplies;

-        Boreholes;

-        Dykes and dams;

-        Sewerage and waste water treatment plants.


-        Electricity;

-        Hydrocarbons;

-        Renewable energies.

Done in Yaounde, 30 March 2016

                   Joseph NGO

 Director General