Strategic position

ARMP is an organization whose role is to promote good governance in the public procurement sector and promote the effective realization of investments.

  Its creation in 2001 was within the framework of the reform by the State after joining the Highly Indebted Poor Countries initiative (HIPC). This reform underpinned, among others, a renewed approach to public institutions through the establishment in the Cameroon government new rules and practices to promote economic and administrative efficiency. The fight against corruption, good governance and decentralization, etc. all occupy a special place in that orientation.  

 Therefore, the positioning of the Agency is based on its strategic Vision adopted upon proposal of the General Manager, by the Board of Directors at its session of 28 January 2012. It targets performance objectives aimed at:


"To make ARMP an efficient institution for the socio-economic development of Cameroon."

Concretely, the said Vision is the compass of the Agency's 2013-2015 plan of action. It rests on three (03) measures whose ambition is to give an institutional response to problems related to the regulation of public procurement and to ensure the credibility and authority of the structure. These measures are organized around the following three areas:

1. Performance

The actions envisaged within the quest for performance are the following:

·         adaptation of the organizational structure;

·         consolidation of financial autonomy;

·         modernization of the work environment;

·         promotion of institutional coherence.

2. Public service

 To position itself as a public service institution, the Agency proposes to undertake actions along the lines of:

·          simplification of public procurement procedures;

·         improving access to information for stakeholders;

·         building the capacity of actors;

·         promoting an alternative mechanism for resolving disputes arising from public procurement.

3. Socio-economic development

  It is based on the implementation of the following actions:

·  strengthening measures against corruption in public procurement;

·     contribution in the improvement of the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of public procurement;

·         strengthening the surveillance and control system;

·         promoting a favourable environment for the creation of viable businesses to contribute in the creation of decent jobs;

·     contribution to promoting the effective use of budgetary appropriations.

·            A set of instruments and tools have been developed in-house to ensure the effective implementation of the Agency's performance project.