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OPEN NATIONAL INVITATION TO TENDER N° 06/ONIT/BIICITB/2024 of 08/02/2024 For The Construction Of Box Culverts Linking Ntamulung To Cow Street In Bamenda II Sub Division, Mezam Division, North West Region Of Cameroon
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1.Objet New(Additif)

Within the framework of the execution of the 2024 budget, The Mayor of Bamenda II Council hereby launches an open national invitation to tender for the above-mentioned project.

2.Consistance des prestations New(Additif)

The works shall include:

-         Site installation;

-         Site preparation;

-         Earth works;

-         Stone masonry works;

-         Concrete works;

-         All other subjection necessary for good execution of the work. 


3.Cout Prévisionnel New(Additif)

The estimated cost after preliminary studies for the contract is 32,000,000 FCFA all taxes inclusive

4.Allotissement New(Additif)

The work is in one (01) lot as follows: Lot 1: construction of a box culvert linking Ntamulung to cow street in Bamenda II Sub Division, Mezam Division, North West Region.

5.Participation et origine New(Additif)

Participation in this invitation to tender is opened to all national companies specialized in building construction and public works. 


6.Financement New(Additif)

Works referred to in this invitation to tender shall be funded by the 2024 Public Investment Budget of the MINDHU, budget head No….

7.Consultation du Dossier New(Additif)

The tender documents may be consulted during working hours at the Bamenda II Council, OFFICE OF SIGAMP Tel: 676244462, upon publication of the invitation to tender.

8.Acquisition du Dossier New(Additif)

The file may be obtained from the OFFICE OF SIGAMP Tel: 676244462 Bamenda II Council, as soon as this notice is published against payment of the forty thousand five hundred (40,000) Francs CFA payable into the Bamenda II Council Treasury under the budgetary head

9.Remises des offres New(Additif)

Each bid drafted in English or French shall be signed by the bidder or by a duly authorized representative and presented in seven (07) copies including the one (1) original and six (06) copies marked as such. These shall be submitted in one sealed pack containing three (3) envelopes; (A: Administrative file, B: Technical file, C: Financial file). The sealed pack shall bear no information on the enterprise, and should reach the OFFICE OF SIGAMP Bamenda II Council not later than 09/03/2024 at 10 a.m. precisely. They shall bear the following:



«OPEN NATIONAL INVITATION TO TENDER N°    06/ONIT/BIICITB/2024  of 08/02/2024 for the construction of box culverts linking Ntamulung to Cow Street in Bamenda II Sub Division, Mezam Division, North West Region of Cameroon


10.Delai de Livraison New(Additif)

The maximum deadline provided by the Contracting Authority for the execution of the works forming the subject of this invitation to tender is three (03) months.

11.Cautionnement Provisoire New(Additif)

Each bidder must include in his administrative documents, a bid bond that respects the model indicated in this tender documents, issued by a banking institution approved by the Ministry in charge of Finance or an approved Insurance Company (see list in document n° 12). The amount of the bid bond shall below as follow:  Six Hundred and forty thousand (640.000) Francs CFA.

12.Recevabilité des Offres New(Additif)

For fear of being rejected, only originals or true copies certified by the issuing services or administrative authorities must imperatively be produced in accordance with the Special Regulations of the invitation to tender.

They must obligatorily not be older than three (3) months preceding the date of submission of bids or may be established after the signature of the Tender Notice.

Any bid not in compliance with the prescriptions of the Tender File shall be declared inadmissible.

13.Ouverture des Plis New(Additif)

The Administrative, Technical and Financial proposals shall be opened in a single phase on the 09/03/2024 from 11 am, local time, by the Bamenda II Council Tenders Board, at the Bamenda II conference room.

Bidders may attend or be represented by a duly mandated person.

14.Critères d'évaluation New(Additif)

The evaluation of bids shall be carried out in three stages:

  • 1st Stage: verification of the conformity of each administrative document;
  • 2nd Stage: Evaluation technical bids;
  • 3rd Stage: Analyses of Financial bids.
  • The criteria of evaluation shall be as follows:

 Eliminatory criteria
    -   Absence of bid bond and insufficient bid bod amount;
 Other Criteria
-       Absence of a documents in the administrative file;
-       False declaration or falsified documents
-       Non-compliance with model bid
-       A bid with the envelope carrying a sign or mark leading to the identification of the bidder
-       Incomplete financial file
-       Absence of a quantified unit price
-       Non respect of 75% of essential criteria
-       Name of Company suspended from MINMAP
-       Financial situation below a third of the estimated cost        

 Essential criteria
-       General presentation of the Tender Files;
-       References of the company in building construction;
-       Quality of the personnel; 
-       Technical organization of the works;
-       Safety measures on the site;
-       Logistics;
-       Attestation and report of site visit signed by the Contractor;
-       Special Technical Clauses initialed in all the pages and signed at the last page;
-       Special Administrative Clauses completed and initialed in all the pages and signed at the last page
-        Categorized Companies Exempted

15.Attribution New(Additif)

This evaluation will be done in a purely binary way (yes) or (no) with an acceptable minimum of 75% of the essential criteria taken in account.

The contract will be awarded to the bidder who would have proposed the offer with the lowest amount, in conformity with the regulations of the Tender Documents and having satisfied to 100% of the eliminatory criteria and at least 75% of the essential criteria.


16.Durée Validité des Offres New(Additif)

Bidders will remain committed to their offers for sixty (60) days from the deadline set for the submission of tenders.



17.Renseignements Complémentaires New(Additif)

Complementary technical information may be obtained during working hours from Bamenda II Council, OFFICE OF SIGAMP

Telephone N0 676244462

BAMENDA Le 08-02-2024